Social Issue Capstone


Social issue clock hands
Fall 2023
Key Considerations
Visual Storytelling
At the start of senior year, every student chooses a social issue as the topic for their projects at hand. After days of reflection, I chose Women’s Representation in Film, driven by the nationwide discourse that the film “Barbie” sparked. I soon discovered that “Barbie” merely scratched the surface of a much broader conversation about the film industry. The first associated project was to design a 12-inch clock, that must interpret your social issue related to time.

The Clock

My completed clock was a series of laser cut acrylic and wooden rings to replicate the depth of a film reel. The rings represented the hard truth: only 1 in 3 speaking roles are occupied by female characters. Thus, only three of nine rings were colored pink.

The minute hand of the clock read ‘rep’ and the hour hand read ‘resent’, indicating the feelings shared by women surrounding this issue. At the top of every hour, the hands collide to reveal ‘represent’.

Clock Exhibition

The students' social issue clocks were on display to the public in Red Square Design South.

Clock show red square
Clock show red square 2
My clock in Red Square for the clock show
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