Tecovas X 818

Boot Meets Tequila

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Fall 2023
Key Considerations
Event Design
User Experience
The Concept
Tecovas, the renowned western boot brand, and 818 Tequila, founded by celebrity Kendall Jenner, partnered to create an exclusive, limited edition collection that brought together the charm of western boots with the allure of premium tequila. It featured a boot and bottle bundle and was marketed through a pop-up experience. The collaboration aimed to create a unique, memorable, and mutually beneficial partnership that captured the essence of both brands while driving business growth and brand recognition.

Tecovas and 818 Tequila have points of overlap that make them complementary. Kendall Jenner has often embraced a country and cowgirl aesthetic in her fashion choices and branding for 818. Moreover, both brands align in values and product promise. Their products are rich in heritage and quality, catering to consumers who appreciate luxury. Lastly, the celebrity endorsement by Jenner will expand the audience further and generate buzz for the collab.

The Experience

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The guests are first welcomed with an 818 Tequila tasting bar. Knowledgeable bartenders would be on hand to guide attendees through the tasting process and share insights on the product. Across the way would be a Tecovas boot fitting lounge. Guests can try on the boots and determine their size for the presale. The surrounding area includes a photo op and invites attendees to socialize, hang out, and play a game of cornhole.

Branding, Packaging, and Collateral

TecovasX818 packaging front
TecovasX818 packaging side
TecovasX818 pacakging back
TecovasX818 coupon cards
TecovasX818 stickers
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